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Promoting young artists. Collecting emerging art.

Art lives by the people who create it, and by those who make it possible. GOPEA, the gallery of pre-established art, is committed to the task of bringing together promising young artists and dedicated collectors. With your support, you will acquire an exclusive option to participate in the auction of works by selected master students of a particular year. Additionally, you will receive a limited print by the advancement award winner of the respective year. Collect the established art of tomorrow! The number of patrons per year is limited to 150. 


"To acquire art before it is established - that is the privilege of the GOPEA patrons"

  • Monday, 30. November 2015
    The GOPEA Art Book 2015 is available!

    The art book edition with all the works of art which are on sale for auction in 2017 has just been published. All GOPEA patrons will receive the book,...


  • Monday, 30. November 2015
    Online gallery

    With the GOPEA website the online gallery is unlocked. GOPEA conveyor with their password immediately access all details surrounding the 2017 Edition!


Online Galery

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Painting of the week

Here we show you an art work of the edition 2017-2019 (in weekly alternation) More detailed information on the art work on how to contact the artist are avaible for patrons. Subscribe for our newsletter.

For more information about the picture and contact information of the artist you get as a sponsor.
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In the online gallery, GOPEA patrons have exclusive access to all information on the artists and works of a specific year. You also have the opportunity to contact the artists directly, for example to get to know or acquire more of their works. You will receive the login data once you have been registered as a GOPEA patron.


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Your Privileges
as a Patron

You will receive the limited off print of the award winner as well as the exclusive purchasing rights for the works of a specific year. And so much more.


The Collection of the Master Students

Selected artists.
Selected works of art. Exclusively at GOPEA - only for patrons!


Art Book

All artists and works of a year in a sophisticated art book - limited to 150 copies. 



Bid on selected works of the most promising master students of the year and vote for the winner of the advancement award. 


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The peoplebehind GOPEA

The idea for GOPEA, the gallery of pre-established art, was developed by Rainer Robben and Jürgen Schomakers in 2013. The two are neither full-time gallery owners nor art dealers, but simply lovers of contemporary art. And as such, they have a common goal: They want to promote art students in the fields of painting, drawing, and graphic art, and offer them their own stage.


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Informationfor art professors
and art students

You are an art student and would like to know how to be included in next year's edition of GOPEA? Or you are an art professor at a German university and want to know how your master students can benefit from GOPEA? Learn


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