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Information for art professors and art students

Information for art professors and art students

How can I participate as a university lecturer?
As an art professor, you know best from experience that especially at the beginning of their career, artists depend on support to develop their individual vision and to work financially independent. With its patronage project, GOPEA has designed a unique opportunity to support artists on their way to independence.

Get involved with your expertise and appraisal in the selection process and thus actively support the career of young artists at the interface between their studies and their way towards a successful existence.

Your proposed artists must currently be enrolled at an accredited art school and either have the status of a master student (protégé) or display an exceptional creativity in their artwork.

We are happy to personally present our concept to you and the students you would recommend for participation at GOPEA and inform you about all aspects and advantages of the GOPEA patronage.

We also invite you to exchange information with those of your colleagues who have already successfully proposed students for the GOPEA project in the funding year 2015.

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to you!


What are my benefits as a participating art student?
Young talents which are included in the gallery of the master students will have the chance to present their works to an exclusive set of art lovers. GOPEA agrees to acquire one of your works for a token and unitary symbolic price of 333 euros. This work will appear in the respective annual edition and will be auctioned off two years later in our online auction. 50% of all auction surpluses will then be distributed equally among the 55 participating artists. The other 50% are awarded to the young talent which the patrons choose as the winner of the advancement award. In addition to these monetary benefits, you also gain from the spiritual benefits: GOPEA creates a network and the contacts for you which can help you to establish yourself in the art world.

How can I apply as an art student?
GOPEA is pleased about every promising talent which we come across. In general, the participants in an annual edition are nominated by their professors. In addition, there are art academies which offer an internal competition to enable you to qualify for participation in the GOPEA project. However, you can also apply by yourself - provided that you are studying at a recognized German art school and have the status of a master student. In case of a self-application, the decision regarding your application is made by an internal GOPEA committee. For all applications, you can hand in your documents either online by using our application form on this website or by sending them via post to GOPEA.

Of course you can also exchange information with those students who have successfully participated in the GOPEA project in the funding year 2015.

We look forward to receiving your application!