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  • Monday, 30. November 2015
    The GOPEA Art Book 2015 is available!

    The art book edition with all the works of art which are on sale for auction in 2017 has just been published. All GOPEA patrons will receive the book,...


  • Monday, 30. November 2015
    Online gallery

    With the GOPEA website the online gallery is unlocked. GOPEA conveyor with their password immediately access all details surrounding the 2017 Edition!


Promoting young artists. Collecting emerging art.

Art lives by the people who create it, and by those who make it possible. GOPEA, the gallery of pre-established art, is committed to the task of bringing together promising young artists and dedicated collectors. With your support, you will acquire an exclusive option to participate in the auction of works by selected master students of a particular year. Additionally, you will receive a limited print by the advancement award winner of the respective year. Collect the established art of tomorrow! The number of patrons per year is limited to 150. 

Especially at the beginning of their career, artists depend on various forms of support to develop their individual vision and find their own way to a successful existence. With GOPEA, you are offered the chance to support highly talented young art students. With your support, you are making an important contribution to the continuity of artistic diversity.  

Every year, GOPEA purchases selected works by art students from accredited German art academies. All artists focus on painting, drawing, and graphic art in their works. GOPEA is not interested in short-lived fads, but looks for artists whose works are of high quality and offer the promising potential to become established in the art market in the long run. The artists are either protégés (master students) or display an exceptional creativity in their artwork. The decision and hence nomination power regarding the artists lies with the professors of the accredited art academies GOPEA is in contact with. 

The patronage fee for one year is 999 euros including VAT. With this, you are entitled to all privileges: You will receive the high-quality art book edition (number of total copies: 150), as well as the limited print (maximum number of copies: 150) by the advancement award winner of the respective year; you also acquire the right to bid in the auction of the works from the annual edition and gain access to our online gallery. Within the online gallery, you can also get in touch with the young artists.

To register, simply download the registration form, complete it and send it online or by mail to GOPEA. Then you will receive an order confirmation and an invoice by GOPEA. Once the patronage fee has been transferred to the account, your support for the respective year begins. You will receive the art book edition as well as your GOPEA card, together with the access code for the online gallery and the auction.

The patronage fee for each year is used exclusively for the purchase of art works, the design and production of the art book, exhibitions, and the ongoing administrative expenses such as advertising, transportation, storage, insurance, and personnel costs. Unspent funds are used to create reserve assets for creating a lasting exhibition space as a forum for the permanent presentation of young contemporary art in Germany.

The patronage fee is (in parts) paid straight to the artists when a work of art is purchased by GOPEA. With the art book edition, the artists will be directly presented to the patrons. The online gallery also allows for a direct contact to the patrons. The surpluses of the auction exclusively benefit the artists.