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The Auction

The Auction

As a GOPEA patron, you have access to the auctions, where the selected works of a particular year are auctioned off. Only GOPEA patrons can take part in this auction. The minimum bid for each work is 250 Euros incl. VAT, regardless of the format or the material used. You can purchase up to three works.

An auction will take place two years after the set-up of the annual collection. The auction series begins in 2017 with the auctioning of all exhibits from the annual edition of 2015. With this "maturity period", we offer the artists the opportunity to raise their own profile after graduation; you as a patron, on the other hand, have the option to follow the career of your favourite artist for two years before you decide to bid on one or more works.

The exhibits from the year 2015 will be auctioned in April 2017. During the auction the winner of the GOPEA promotion prize will also be determined.

As a patron, you can thoroughly examine all works available for auction – on appointment – in our archives in Nordhorn. If you wish, you can also pick up the purchased work directly from us. We will try to make sure that the respective artist is present at the handover.

All surpluses from the annual sale are paid in full to the 55 artists of the year. 50% of the amount is distributed evenly among all the artists of an annual edition, so that all young talents benefit in the same way. The remaining 50% are given as patronage to the young talent which is chosen by the patrons in a separate voting.